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| Intro | Cottage |

The cottages are unique Caribbean accommodations, 35 cottages carribens type tropical wood, tastefully furnished. They are perched like birds nests, hidden between Cedars Gommiers and Galba trees. A source feeds a stream and waterfalls along the valley.

In respect of ecology, forest preservation is fundamental here.


Dining at Jungle Bay is truly a unique experience !

The Jungle Pavilion Restaurant comes complete with tropical forest motif including a royal palm tree protruding through its roof. This open air octagonal structure overlooks the stone pool and the ocean. The atmosphere is a perfect complement to the 'fun and healthy living' atmosphere. The gourmet cuisine features mostly vegetarian, seafood and chicken dishes, prepared and served with a distinct Caribbean flavour.

  • Breakfast 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m has a range of fresh fruit juices, local in season fruits, freshly baked breads, local organic coffee etc.
  • Lunch 2.00 noon to 02.30 p.m includes tasty yet healthy choices of unique culinary creations served with the freshest salads and tastiest deserts.
  • Dinners 6.00 p.m. to 09 p.m. are always an adventure with creative combinations of locally grown produce prepared with a daring flare.

The Ocean Cabana / Sun Deck is situated along the rocky Atlantic coast and is the perfect place to relax and watch the waves roll in.

SPA du Soleil

SPA du Soleil: The world-class Spa du Soleil is perched high on the cliff top with spectacular panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Four individual and one couple’s massage studios offer private, relaxing treatments to the natural soundtrack of the ocean waves.

FITNESS CENTER: A very small gym with a treadmill machine and some weights.

Activities and leasure

The trail winds around the Zom Zom 22 hectares of the property and leads to a traditional fishing port with a panoramic view of Jungle Bay Resort and coastal Southeast.

The beach

Rocky, beautiful place to explore or simply relaxing place. Due to the force of the waves, swimming is strongly discouraged. For a refreshing dip, made a short walk through the property to go to the nearby White River. Whitish mineral water extracted from Lake Bubbling "Boiling Lake". here are known for healing properties.

The pool

Volcanic stone surrounded by wide aisles. Have fun in the water or relax on comfortable loungers and padded sipping your favorite drink Pavilion Restaurant neighbor. The Calabash bar near the pool is only open seasonally.


2 studios interior

1 terrace

Nature The island offers a wide choice of itineraries, excursions and tours departing from the hotel

Hiking & exursions

Victoria waterfall, cascade Sari Sari, path 'Glasse' Boiling Lake (Lake bubbling), Zom Zom walking, hiking of 'Lost Time', walks in nature, Roseau Market and Trafalgar waterfalls, picnic on the beach

water Sports

Kayaking, scuba diving & snorkeling

How to get there?

| Intro | Practical Information |

From Europe, direct flights to La Guadeloupe or Martinique, from

Paris, Orly (ORY)
Airlines: Air Caraibes (TX), Corsairfly (SS), Air France (AF).

Paris, Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
Airline: Air France (AF) once a week on Saturdays.

Arrival in Pointe--Pitre, Pole Caraibes International Airport, Guadeloupe and Fort de France, Aim Csaire International Airport, Martinique, then continue by ferry with the shipping company

L'Express des Iles

  • Pointe--Pitre / Dominica: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 2:15 ferry crossing
  • Fort-de-France / Dominica: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 2:00 ferry crossing
    According to the schedule, one night transit in Guadeloupe or Martinique is required. The days and times are subject to change rotations.


| Intro | COTTAGE |

The cottages are spacious and feature wood furnishings all 'designed & built' at the resort. They are perched like birds nests, tucked away on a hillside between Cedar, Gomier and Galba trees.

The low impact night lighting along with the sound of the Atlantic surf creates a romantic, surreal ambiance.

Cottage Features

  • 1 king-size bed ou2 double beds, rustic yet elegant locally sourced and built furnishings, comfortable sitting area, gourmet coffee and tea making facilities, mini-refrigerator, telephone, semi-outdoor shower with European style shower head, adjacent to en-suite washroom, all natural luxury body products

  • Spacious patio with views of the jungle (some with premium ocean view), fans - though there is no air conditioning, cottages are well designed to take advantage of the coastal breeze

Your children

We are happy to accommodate families with a sense of adventure to join us at Jungle Bay !

How to get there?


  • Entrance conditions

For French, European or foreign citizens, a valid passport must be presented or a visa if applicable and a return air ticket. The identity card is accepted for French nationals. All visitors must complete an immigration form to submit to the authorities on the site.

  • Amount ofallowedduty free

You can carry up to 200 cigarettes (or 2 cartridges), or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of smoking tobacco and 1 liter of alcohol (over 22 degrees) or 2 liters of liquor (less 22 degrees).

  • Health

No vaccinations are required unless you come from an area with a risk of disease. However, it is always wise to be up to date with recalls DT-polio and hepatitis A (or B).

Tap water is drinkable.

  • Climate

The climate is tropical and humid, with temperatures generally ranging from 26 C during the day in January to 32 C in June. The driest season runs from January to May. Hurricane season can extend from June to November.

  • Currency

The local currency is the East Caribbean Dollars EC Dollars.
Value (exchange rate) € 1 = EC $ 3.20
The U.S. Dollar is also accepted at a fixed rate: 1US $ = EC $ 2.67, (as of May 2013) according to the exchange rate of the day.

  • Difference time

When it is noon in Paris,
- It's 6am in summer or 6 hours time difference.
- It is 7am in winter or 5 hours time difference

  • Electricity

The electricity is 220-240 V and 50 Hz. These are the same plugs in the United States. They require an adapter, easy enough to find on site.

  • Phone

From France to Dominica: 001 + 767 + number.
From Dominica to France: 011 + 33 + number without the initial 0.
Internal calls: dial only the last 7 figures.

  • Taxes and service charges

Taxes are often included in listed prices, but ask the price "including all taxes."
There is also a 3% tax on food, beverages and merchandise, but they are generally included in the price displayed.

Thematic Holidays

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Tours & Day trips

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