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Martinique is located in the Lesser Antilles archipelago. It has an area of 1,128 km and is about 70 km long by 30 km wide. It is one of the smallest French departments.

Martinique offers without doubt one of the richest impressions of the Lesser Antilles. It is divided into two parts.

The North,consists of a mountain range dominated by the Pitons du Carbet (1207 m) and the Montagne Pele (1397m).The rains are more frequent in this region than in the South and result in a vegetation of incomparable richness.

In the South, the terrain is composed of small hills called mornes. On the coast, the beautiful white sandy beaches overlook crystal clear waters and bays are linked together as coves. The South is a tourist area “par excellence”.

A little history …

Martinique owes its name to Christopher Columbus who discovered it on 15 June 1502. The island was then called "Jouanacara-Matinino", and inhabited by the Kalinas.The name has evolved along the Madinina pronunciations, “the island of flowers”, or Jouanacaera, “the island of iguanas”.

Martinique became French in 1635, and was managed by the “Compagnie des Isles d’Amrique” established by Richelieu. In 1763 the island was given to the French following an exchange with Canadian lands.

On 22 May, 1848, Abolition of slavery, by a decree of Victor Schœlcher.

Plein Soleil
Plein Soleil
Martinique - From 118

Hotel Plein Soleil is situated in the hills above the town of le Franois , and just 25 minutes from Martinique's Lamentin International Airport. You traverse a banana plantation to reach this chic hideaway that is equi-distance from the beaches of the south and the mountains and rain forests of the north. Far from the congested tourist zones, set amid a tropical garden and ...

Plein Soleil