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Pear-shaped, Barbados is a relatively flat island, rising at most to 336 m at Mont Hillaby, in the central highlands. There are numerous caves on the island.


Barbados is considered part of the Lesser Antilles, its area is about 430 km².


A little history…


The island, then inhabited by the Arawak Indians from Venezuela, was discovered in 1536 by the Portuguese explorer Pedro A Campos. Because of the “hairiness” of the long aerial roots of the banyan trees growing on the coast, he nicknamed it "barbue" [“bearded”], hence the name "Barbados"!


The English settled here in 1627 and, uniquely in the history of the Caribbean, Barbados was not colonised by any other nation and remained a British colony until its semi autonomy in 1961.


It then obtained independence on 30 November 1966.

The House
The House
Barbados - From 713$

Barbados is an island with white sand beaches and turquoise waters of jazzy musical note, with picturesque hills and fields of sugar cane out of sight.   On the west coast, discover a haven of serenity and privacy, The House, 4* is a small luxury property whose concept is easy: to feel at home!   This hotel with elegant, contemporary and minimalist design is adults-only, an ...

The House  The House  The House  
Colony Club
Colony Club
Barbados (Holetow) - From 216$

Located on the west coast in the district of St. James in Holetown, a former colonial club is completely restored and transformed in Colony Club, it’s a true haven of peace and privacy timeless. The hotel’s legendary story has been carefully preserved through the architecture, the setting and the landscape in a strict respect for the environment.   Near the Folke ...

Colony Club  Colony Club  Colony Club  
Tamarind Hotel
Tamarind Hotel
Barbados (Paynes Bay Beach) - From 208$

Barbados is an island with white sand beaches bordered by turquoise waters on jazzy musical note, with picturesque hills and fields of sugar cane out of sight.   After renovation in 2010, Tamarind hotel has a new face, restyled rooms, 2 new restaurants, a kids club and a spa. The hotel combines a contemporary decor and intimate spaces with a high quality services.   Welcome ...

Tamarind Hotel  Tamarind Hotel  Tamarind Hotel