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At the heart of the archipelago of the West Indies, Guadeloupe is located at the junction of two chains of islands from which it is composed: La Grande Terre, flat and with limestone in the east, and La Basse Terre, volcanic and mountainous in the west.


La Basse Terre, is the mountainous, wooded and volcanic part of Guadeloupe, abounding with many rivers and waterfalls.  The highest summit is the active volcano of La Soufrière, at 1467 meters. It also has numerous beaches of black sand and red sand.


La Grande Terre, is much flatter than La Basse Terre, bordered by a mangrove in the south west, hills and by an arid jagged plateau with rocky and wild shores to the north.

In the south, from Gosier to Saint-François, the coast is called the Riviera, and aligns seaside health resorts and beautiful beaches of white sand.

Some history …


During his second voyage on the 4 November 1493 Christopher Columbus landed on the island called by the Carib natives, "Karukera" (“the island of beautiful waters”). He would call this island "Guadalupe" after the name of the royal monastery of Santa Maria de Guadelupe in Spain.


The island became a French possession on the 28 June 1635 and would be devoted to the production of tropical commodities through the plantation system. Conditions of life and of work were difficult; the settlers began the slave trade in order to essentially grow sugar cane, coffee and cocoa. In 1642, slavery began when Louis XIII authorised the deportation of African slaves to the West Indies.


On the 27 May 1848 slavery was abolished on Guadeloupe.

On the 19 March 1946, thanks to Aimé Césaire, Guadeloupe became an Overseas French Department.

La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa
La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa
Guadeloupe (Le Gosier) - From 92€

La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa is one of the most pleasant hotels of the archipelago of Guadeloupe.   Situated at the heart of a tropical garden, among palm trees, hibiscuses and bougainvillea, close to a beach of white sand, its architecture of wood and vegetation will seduce you.   Between Basse- Terre and Grand- Terre, facing the islet of Gosier and just a short distance fr ...

La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa  La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa  La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa  
Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf
Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf
Guadeloupe (Saint-François) - From 63€

The Grande-Terre welcomes you and invites you to discover its beaches, the classified site of the “Pointe des Chateaux” and many other spots. Bwa Chik Hôtel and Golf is an alluring residence, facing an 18-holes international golf designed by Robert Trent Jones.   Between golf and marina, the charm of this hotel comes from its very appreciated elegant simplicity. A ...

Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf  Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf  Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf  
La Toubana Hôtel & Spa
La Toubana Hôtel & Spa
Guadeloupe (Sainte-Anne) - From 117€

At the entrance of the picturesque village of Sainte-Anne, on Grande-Terre with its beaches of white sand, this wonderfully character hotel with its panoramic view, will help you taste the calm and softness of the French Caribbean.   Thanks to its unique setting which dominates the Caribbean Sea, facing Marie-Galante, Les Saintes and the Désirade, you will savour every minute ...

La Toubana Hôtel & Spa  La Toubana Hôtel & Spa  La Toubana Hôtel & Spa  
Le Jardin Malanga
Le Jardin Malanga
Guadeloupe (Trois Rivières) - From 133€

Claire & Laurent will welcome you warmly and will be at your disposal to make your stay unforgettable. The Jardin Malanga is the hotel to be for discovering an incredible tropical nature and also for finding privacy and relaxation.    Surrounded by fruit trees orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees ... and by lush vegetation, the Jardin Malanga includes a 1927 colonial house, t ...

Le Jardin Malanga  Le Jardin Malanga  Le Jardin Malanga  
Mahogany Hotel Residence & Spa
Mahogany Hotel Residence & Spa
Guadeloupe (Le Gosier) - From 94€

The Mahogany Hôtel Résidence & Spa, part of the Creole Beach Hotel, is located at the end of the Verdure peninsula, between Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, in a wide tropical garden facing the ocean.   It is the ideal spot for a varied vacation, from relaxation to the most extreme sports.   The charm of the hotel’s suites and their exceptional outlook over the bay make ...

Mahogany Hotel Residence & Spa  Mahogany Hotel Residence & Spa  Mahogany Hotel Residence & Spa