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Prsentation de l'le Maurice

Between the sky and the Indian Ocean, in the heart of the Mascareignes Islands, Mauritius is nestled between the island of Runion 200 km to the west and Rodrigues to the east.

Tropical garden lying on the water, lagoon of turquoise blue to emerald green protected by the coral reef, 100 km of sandy beaches lined with coconut palms and casuarinas, easy living to meet a people arc rainbow .. if heaven exists, may be it is here!

Let yourself be seduced by this charming island with many faces.

Area of 1865 km , at long, 65 km wide and over, 45 km .. the island, a passage to India, was the object of many desires, strategic, waves of migration and conquest. In the 18th century it was colonized by France, which renamed it Isle de France!
This troubled past was born a mixed culture unique swirl direction, colors, scents and flavors.

Independent republic since 1968, the former British colony's emblem bird disappeared, the dodo.

The population of the island, cultural mosaic, is approximately 1.2 million people. its comes from East, West and Africa and preserved through the ages ancestral traditions, religious and folk. The capital Port-Louis is located on the west coast.
The highest point rises to 828 m, the Piton de la Petite Rivire Noire.

The island offers a flat terrain that has long favored the cultivation of sugar cane and tea. This sugar cane rum manufactured the Dutch tradition which remained anchored to the island with many brands of local rum.

In a festive and colorful the rhythm of Sega, the traditional dance of the island, a wide range of activities available to you. Idleness, of course with its white sandy beaches, lagoons suitable for water sports but also the hinterland to the lush vegetation, hidden villages, markets, nature reserves ...

Mauritius, practice

Police formalities
: for French nationals, passport valid until the date of return to France.

Exchange rate
: the Mauritius Rupee - 1 € = 40 Rs approximately

Tipping: service is always included in the price, tipping is optional

The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is located in Plaisance, southeast of the island.

Driving: driving is on the left, international driving license is recommended, even if a foreign license is accepted.

Languages and Populations: kaleidoscope of people, Hindus, Muslims, Chinese, Creoles and Europeans. English is the official language. Mauritian Creole and other oriental languages are also spoken. French is understood.

Climate: tropical, east coast downwind is cooler because under the influence of the trade winds, the West Coast hot pus. The seasons are reversed, winter = summer in France in Mauritius

Warm season (25/30 C) but also the wettest November to April season temperate (22/25 C) from May to October. Thanks to the trade winds, heat is rarely oppressive, and the risk of cyclones is relatively measured. For diving enthusiasts the preferred season is from January to April

Gastronomy : based Mauritian cuisine is curry which accompanies most meats, fish or vegetables, and Chinese cuisines Hindu-Muslim are also popular.

Religion: Hindu majority (52%), more than 150 temples are dedicated to their worship and religious festivals attract hundreds of thousands of faithful. Catholics (26%), Muslim (16%), Protestant (2%), and a handful of Buddhists also have their places of worship.

Shanti Maurice
Shanti Maurice
Mauritius - From 306

On the south coast, in an old sugar cane plantation surrounded by a beautiful coral sand beach, lies the Shanti Maurice, a Nira Resort, dedicated to well-being. Affiliated with the prestigious chain Leading Hotels of The World, it features a beautiful spa, the Nira Spa, one of the largest in the Indian Ocean!Let soak up the atmosphere and the unique concept of the hotel that bl ...

Shanti Maurice