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Nicknamed “The island of One Hundred Mills” or “The Big Cookie”, Marie Galante is about 40 km from the coast of Guadeloupe.

The island has a particular topography - a fault of 200 meters separates it into two distinct regions.

The north is characterised by high cliffs which hikers enjoy.

The east and the south have valleys with sugar cane farming

In the west, the island offers an unspoilt mangrove and beaches that are so quiet that turtles come to lay their eggs.

A little history…

The island owes its name "Maria Galanda"to Christopher Columbus, who landed in the Anse de Ballet on 3 November 1493 during his second voyage.

During the challenge of the Anglo-French wars the island was occupied five times by the English between 1692 and 1815. The first mills appeared in 1780, driven by oxen and enabling the production of sugar and of rum.