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Sainte Anne

Located in the township of Sainte Anne, the “Savane des Ptrifications” is a geological site with arid and surprising scenery.

In this savannah you will find petrified (silicified) blocks of wood, agate, jasper, chalcedonies that today have disappeared. A paradise for geologists.

The “Savane des Ptrifications” is, together with the Caravell peninsular, the oldest part of Martinique.

Before you go there – check the weather forecast. It is probably the warmest corner of Martinique. Remember to take water, sunscreen and a hat. Avoid the hours when the sun is the strongest.

Plein Soleil
Plein Soleil
Martinique - From 118€

Hotel Plein Soleil is situated in the hills above the town of le Franois , and just 25 minutes from Martinique's Lamentin International Airport. You traverse a banana plantation to reach this chic hideaway that is equi-distance from the beaches of the south and the mountains and rain forests of the north. Far from the congested tourist zones, set amid a tropical garden and ...

Plein Soleil