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Boiling Lake

The “Boiling Lake”is the second largest boiling lake in the world and is proof of the major geological activity of the island and of the region. The access is quite a challenging walk, 6 to 7 hours in total. After 45 minutes walking from the Valle de la Dsolation, the “Boiling Lake” appears but is also hinted at by the fumaroles and the smell of sulphur which escape. It is 65 m in diameter and is located inside the crater.

Heated by the magma, the temperature of the water is near 100C, which is why this lake, with a milky appearance, is composed of huge bubbles which burst continuously at the centre. These bubbles and the smoke observed, correspond to the emissions of volcanic gases which are escaping through it. All this activity and temperature are the result of the heat generated by the underlying magma chamber: the lake lies in an ancient crater of explosion.

This is a difficult hike which should only be done by people in good health because the fumes are quite strong. The “Boiling Lake” is almost always in cloud. Please bring a backpack with water and a picnic, essential for the enjoyment of this natural beauty.

Jungle Bay Dominica
Jungle Bay Dominica
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The island of Dominica, set between Martinique and Guadeloupe, is the Caribbean in its purest form and Jungle Bay Resort & Spa captures that sense of the wilderness. Jungle Bay Resort & Spa is bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The award winning resort is known as an eco-luxury property, retaining the comforts a ...

Jungle Bay Dominica