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Just over 24 km² in area, Saint Barthelemy was formed between the Cretaceous (secondary) period and the Eocene (tertiary) period and thus has the distinction of being one of the oldest islands of the Caribbean. It is located 230 km northwest of Guadeloupe, and 25 km southeast of Saint Martin.


The island consists of small mountains and valleys in the interior and of beautiful beaches on the coast.


A little history …


The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus who named it in honour of his brotherBartolomé during his second voyage in 1493.


It was in 1648 that the first occupation by the French took place, as a result of a decision by Commandeur Lonvilliers de Poincy. From 1651 to 1656, the island was ruled by the Knights of the Order of Malta. It was then abandoned until 1659, when it became a French colony.


In 1957, David Rockefeller purchased a property there and the island began its transformation to a high-end tourist destination.

Le Manapany Cottages & Spa
Le Manapany Cottages & Spa
Saint-Barth (Anse des Cayes) - From 332€

Le Manapany Cottages & Spa is a charming and refined hotel in a privileged part of St Barthelemy in Anse des Cayes. Its new SPA overlooking the sea will add to the great comfort and pleasures of the hotel.   L'hotel is located : - 2 km from the airport - 3 km from Gustavia, the main city

Le Manapany Cottages & Spa  Le Manapany Cottages & Spa  Le Manapany Cottages & Spa  
Le Tom Beach Hôtel
Le Tom Beach Hôtel
Saint-Barth (St Jean) - From 290€

St. Barthelemy or 'St Barth is the most amazing of tropical Edens. With a surface area 25 km², it is the smallest island of Guadeloupe Archipelago. Mornes with a colored vegetation , 22 white sandy beaches invite you to vacation.   - 1 km away from the airport - 3 km away from Gustavia - 1 km away from St-Jean

Le Tom Beach Hôtel  Le Tom Beach Hôtel  Le Tom Beach Hôtel