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Fort de France

The Pele mountain dominates the island of Martinique in the Lesser Antilles arc. It is the culminating high point of Martinique with 1397 meters of altitude and it is one of the most monitored volcanoes in the world.

Since 1902 it has been one of the best known volcanoes of the world, because its eruption caused the destruction of St Peter and its harbour and numerous shipwrecks such as the Romaima, the Dalia, the Diamant... now offering extraordinary dives.

The Pele mountain has given its name to a specific type of eruption: the plen type.

The ruins of Saint Pierre and its shipwrecks are the subject of an application for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage listing; and also the underwater archaeological sites which are among the most beautiful dive sites in the Caribbean.

Plein Soleil
Plein Soleil
Martinique - From 118€

Hotel Plein Soleil is situated in the hills above the town of le Franois , and just 25 minutes from Martinique's Lamentin International Airport. You traverse a banana plantation to reach this chic hideaway that is equi-distance from the beaches of the south and the mountains and rain forests of the north. Far from the congested tourist zones, set amid a tropical garden and ...

Plein Soleil